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Fire This Time Booklets

Cuban Revolution 101
5 Decades of the Cuban Revolution

A collection of articles written by Tamara Hansen.

  • ‘We Stand Firmly With Cuban People Against US Criminal Blockade’ – Speech By Tamara Hansen
  • Who is Anti-Cuban Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles?
  • Building a Campaign Against Anti-Cuban Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles
  • Revolutionary Then, Revolutionary Now! Interview with Veteran from Revolutionary Army, Pedro Pablo Diaz Rodriguez
  • Cuban Revolution: Workers State Defending, Expanding, and Consolidating Workers Rights Since 1959
  • July 26th 1953: Attack on the Moncada Army Garrison in Cuba
  • Plan Bush: What is the US Government Planning for Cuba?
  • A Tribute to Fidel
  • A True Revolutionary who Inspires Us to Fight for a Better World!
  • No al Bloqueo: The World Condemns the United States’
  • Criminal Blockade Against Cuba
  • What Does Sustainability Mean for Cuba?
  • The Cuban Revolution & Women’s Liberation
  • Fidel is Gaining Strength & Health: Imperialists Watching with Fear, He’s Coming Back Again
  • The Case Against Luis Posada Carriles:
  • Demand Posada’s Extradition to Venezuela Now!
  • 26th of July Movement & Dynamism of Cuban Revolution
  • We Remember Compańera Vilma Espín Guillois
  • Elections Called in Cuba

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    Resisting Canadian Colonialism: The Indigenous Struggle for Self-Determination

    The conventional approach to writing almost anything on the Indigenous question
    in America, generally and particularly in Canada is that we are reminded most of
    the time how important it is to understand the five hundred years of oppression and
    colonialism in this hemisphere. As important as it seems this question is, especially
    in Canada, the issue has been looked at like this: let’s talk about it so much that we
    forget to address it. The indigenous question or problem if you will, is not just how
    deep or severe the oppression is of these proud nation/s, or how their great culture
    has been destroyed by white Europeans. More importantly, the question poses itself
    politically in how the rights of indigenous people, including and specifically the right
    of self-determination, could play in the political struggle of the working class in this
    country against Capitalism and Canadian imperialism. What strategy or action
    program regarding indigenous people, as a most important ally of the working and
    poor people, do we need to develop that could help the process of unity in action not
    only against indigenous oppression but against oppression and for the liberation of
    all oppressed people: workers, farmers, women, youth, LGBT, people of colour etc.

    Canadian leftists and progressive movements have failed decisively in approaching
    the indigenous struggle and winning over their trust. The issue has been ignored,
    silenced, suppressed for a long, long time, regardless of being talked about and
    discussed a lot! The suppression of indigenous people and destruction of their culture
    is the basis of racism in Canadian society, which is deep rooted. No wonder nobody
    wants to talk about it. Most of the time it seems that it does not even exist! In relation
    to Germans who killed millions of innocent Jewish people during WWII era and
    the Canadian genocide of native people, we can observe that the Germans guilt is
    rooted in the past, but Canadian guilt is rooted in the present, and continues. For us
    though, the working class, one thing is important and vital, that without indigenous
    participation in the revolutionary movement for fundamental change there will be no
    liberation in this land, not for yourself, myself, or anyone.

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    Canada: Peacekeeper, or War Maker?

    During the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, Canada played it’s role in world
    imperialism by taking over the NATO led occupation of Afghanistan,
    and continues occupy Afghanistan with imperialist interests in mind.
    The occupation serves the interests of Canadian imperialism through
    the economic plundering of the nation, as well as providing a strategic
    military base in Afghanistan to further expand Canadian interests
    throughout the Middle East.

    Canadian ruling class interests in Latin America, the Middle East, and
    entire world do not represent the interest of poor and oppressed people
    in Canada. In March of 2003 Canada expanded their imperialist front
    into Latin America, as they became a decisive force in the occupation
    of Haiti. In fact they expose the roots of Canadian imperialism and
    the roots of the colonial state of Canada founded on the genocide
    of Indigenous peoples. The two articles selected for this booklet
    address the situations in Afghanistan and Haiti, the axis of Canadian
    imperialism abroad today.

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    Sun Peaks Out of Skwelkwek'Welt!

    Since 1997, the Sun Peaks ski resort has been expanding into the territory of the
    Secwepemec people. The continued struggle of the Secwepemec people to regain
    their stolen territory is a fight for self-determination, the basic right of indigenous
    people to decide how their land will be used. This fight for self-determination
    challenges the very foundations of the colonial Canadian government, and contains
    dynamics that give it the potential to ignite widespread mobilization among poor,
    working, and oppressed people in Canada against occupation and injustice.

    The struggle in Skwelkwek’welt against the continued expansion of Sun Peaks is an
    example of the fight for sovereignty that is happening among different indigenous
    nations across North America. This fight to defend land and territory must be
    supported by indigenous and non-indigenous people to build a movement that can
    effectively challenge the continued theft of indigenous land and resources.

    For this reason, Fire This Time has supported the Secwepemc people who have
    been resisting the continued expansion of Sun Peaks onto their territory, including
    participating in several actions against Sun Peaks, as well as running regular stories
    and updates in the FTT newspaper to draw the attention of working and oppressed
    people in Canada to this struggle and its importance. This booklet is a selection of
    articles on the Skwelkwek’welt struggle from past issues of Fire This Time.

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    The United Nations:
    It's Role and Failures

    As we get close to the sixtieth anniversary of the formation of the United Nations, the
    role of this world body, to deliver peace and prosperity to the world’s inhabitants, are
    more than ever in question.

    Although hundreds of thousands of activists and humanists have hoped that the UN
    would be a world body that can improve the living conditions of human beings around
    the world, especially in colonial and semi-colonial countries, we have never been more
    distanced than we are today from achieving this goal. We live in a world where more
    than 800 million people are suffering from hunger, in addition to hundreds of millions
    who suffer from war, occupation and destruction in the poor nations of Asia, Africa and
    Latin America caused by the aggression of these imperialist powers.

    The Inability of the UN to become an impartial and fair player for weak and poor
    nations has killed hope for a better future for all oppressed nations. Despite the wishful
    thinking of the left and humanist communities that the United Nations will eventually
    make a difference and positive change, this world body has remained fundamentally an
    extended arm of imperialist nations. The US especially, uses the UN to plunder and
    exploit the wealth of third world countries.

    The UN has been designed and formed in such a way that it can mediate the conflict
    between imperialist powers, caused by world capitalist crisis and third world struggle
    against imperialist domination, to be in favour of imperialist and colonialist interests.
    Through the Korean war to the Vietnam war, through the Congo to Cuba, through Iran
    to Iraq, through war in the former Yugoslavia, through 12 years of sanctions on Iraq,
    through paving the road for war and occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine,
    it shows constantly and consistently the subservient role of the UN to imperialist

    The first article by Brennan Luchsinger is a historical review and analysis of the UN’s
    politically faulty leadership record since its inception. The second article by Ivan
    Drury is for the most part an analysis of the disastrous role of the UN in Iraq. The third
    part is an excerpt of an article about how the US is using the UN in maintaining the
    occupation of Iraq. For PDF version click here

    Fire This Time Updates on the War

    Update # 1
    March 20, 2003


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    Update # 2
    March 22, 2003


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    Update # 3
    March 24, 2003

    Casualty of 'Victory'

    People of the world, people of Canada, people of BC, People of Vancouver: All out against this immoral, unjust, brutal, criminal, bloody war against the people of Iraq and all of us

    For PDF version click here

    Update # 4
    March 29, 2003

    Canadian Ships Out of the Gulf!
    Canadian Troops Out of Iraq!

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    Update # 5
    April 8, 2003

    Liberating or Conquering?
    Stop the Killing of the People of Iraq!
    End the Occupation! Self-Determination!

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    Update # 6
    April 12, 2003

    Victory or Defeat?

    Stop the Killing of the People of Iraq!
    End the Occupation! Self-Determination!

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