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Take Action


Click here for report & photos from Repeal Bill C-51 2016 Conference

63rd Weekly Action
to Stop Bill C-51
Monday, May 16
Banner Drop
Vancouver, BC
Call or email for location

Organized by:
Working Group to Stop Bill C-51
stoppolicestatebillc51@gmail.com | @StopBillC51

Learn More About Bill C-51

Read Fire This Time Articles on Bill C-51:

FTT Volume 10 Issue 4 (April 2016)
Bill C-51: A Flagrant Violation of Human Rights in Canada

FTT Volume 10 Issue 3 (March 2016)
“Bill C-51 is one of the most unpopular laws in the history of Canada”
A Talk by Thomas Davies
At “Repeal Bill C-51” Conference on February 28, 2016 in Vancouver, BC

FTT Volume 10 Issue 2 (February 2016)
We Must Build a Movement to Defeat It!

FTT Volume 10 Issue 1 (January 2016)
Hey Justin Trudeau,
Our demand is still the same: "Repeal Bill C-51!"

FTT Volume 9 Issue 11 (November 2015)
Hey Justin!...
Our demand Remains the Same: Repeal Bill C-51!

FTT Volume 9 Issue 10 (October 2015)
Defend Our Human and Democratic Rights: Oppose Bill C-51!

FTT Volume 9 Issue 9 (September 2015)
Bill C-51: Why you Should Be Concerned About
It and Why You Should Fight Against It

FTT Volume 9 Issue 8 (August 2015)
Bill C-51: The Struggle Must Continue Until Victory

FTT Volume 9 Issue 7 (July 2015)
The Battle Against Bill C-51 Is Not Over!

FTT Volume 9 Issue 6 (June 2015)
* We Must Fight Back, There Is No Other Option!
Working Group to Oppose Bill C-51 Continues Important Campaign in Vancouver

FTT Volume 9 Issue 5 (May 2015)
* The ABC's of Bill C-51

FTT Volume 9 Issue 4 (April 2015)
* Bill C-51 Must Be Stopped Decisively!
* Vancouverites Educate, Organise & Mobilize Against Bill C-51...
* Bill C-51: An Assault on Native Rights in Canada

FTT Volume 9 Issue 3 (March 2015)
* Bill C-51: Attempt to Stifle Opposition...
Faces Mass Opposition

* Canadian Rights Groups Decry Bill C-51
* Proyecto de Ley C-51: Aterrorizando la Disidencia (En español)

FTT Volume 9 Issue 2 (February 2015)
* Bill C-51: Terrorizing Dissent

Click here for a special brochure on Bill C-51 the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51

Click here to read statements from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association CCLA on Bill C-51

Click here to read the documents submited by the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association to the House of Commons Committee on Bill C-51

In The Media

Media Coverage of the National Day of Action to Stop Bill C-51 protest on April 18, 2015.

CTV News: (with Video)
Protests against Bill C-51 ramp up across Canada

The Daily Observer:
Canadians rally nationwide against Bill C-51

Ottawa Citizen
Anti-terrorism bill protesters march through ByWard Market

Media Coverage of the Stop Bill C-51 protest in North Vancouver during Stephen Harper's visit to Seycove Secondary on April 7, 2015.

Vancouver Sun: (with Video)
North Vancouver protesters ready for Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Vancouver Observer:
Harper visits North Van, refuses to answer Duffy questions as protests rage outside

CTV NEWS: (Video)
Protests outside Harper appearance

North Shore News:
Prime Minister speaks at Seycove secondary
Protestors rally outside school during Stephen Harper visit

Protesters demonstrate against government policies outside a secondary school where Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper is visiting in North Vancouver