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      Hey Justin Trudeau, Our demand is still the same: "Repeal Bill C-51!"

      By Thomas Davies

      On October 19, 2015 the Harper Conservative government was defeated by the Trudeau Liberal party in Canada’s Federal Election.

      While the new Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau promised "Real Change" as his campaign slogan, activists and organizers of the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 in Vancouver, Canada are not convinced that Justin is promising the change we want. We cannot forget that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party voted in favour of Bill C-51 when it was originally passed in June 2015.

      While the Liberals have committed to make some amendments to the widely unpopular Bill C-51, they are minimal changes which do not respond to our fundamental concerns regarding how this law allows the government to violate the human and democratic rights of people in Canada.

      Because of this, the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 has been continuing its weekly picket actions at skytrain stations and transit hubs across the lower mainland to let Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government know that our demand remains the same, "Repeal Bill C-51!"

      These pickets are also an important chance to connect with students and working people in Metro Vancouver, many of whom are opposed to this so-called "Anti-Terrorism" Bill. November 2015 saw 5 weekly picket actions: November 2 at New Westminster Station, November 9 at Broadway-City Hall Station, November 16 at Waterfront Station, November 23 at Main Street Station and November 30 at Lougheed Town Centre Station. The pickets have continued in December: December 7 at Nanaimo Station, December 14 at Commercial and Broadway Stations, December 21 at Vancouver City Centre Station and December 28 at Broadway–City Hall Station.

      Every week commuters and shoppers have stopped to sign petitions, to sign up for more information, or even to pick up a sign and chant with us to express their resentment of this unjust law. In fact, December 14th marked the 40th weekly picket action to stop Bill C-51 and the campaign is continuing!

      6 Reasons why Bill C-51 is so unpopular?
      > There was never any basis established for why an “Anti-terrorism” Bill was necessary in the first place.
      > There was never any proof given as to how Bill C-51 would make things "safer" for people in Canada.
      > Bill C-51 gives the government and policing agencies new powers to spy on people in Canada and violate our privacy.
      > Bill C-51 gives police more power to preventatively arrest people without a warrant.
      > Bill C-51 uses a vague definition of terrorism, so that protesters and those exercising freedom of speech and assembly could be criminalized.
      > Bill C-51 is obviously part of the government's ongoing efforts to create fear and criminalize dissent.

      Now is the most important time to demonstrate loudly and clearly that we will not accept even an amended attack on our democratic and human rights. The Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 has organized 42 weekly pickets against Bill C-51, and we invite you to join us!

      >> 43rd Weekly Protest is Monday January 4th at 4pm at Waterfront Station


      To get involved in the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 in Vancouver - Follow us on Twitter: @StopBillC51 or send an email: stoppolicestatebillc51@gmail.com or www.firethistime.net

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