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    February 28 2016
    2016 Repeal Bill C-51 Conference was a Great Success!

    No to all Forms of Terrorism!
    No to Racism! No to Islamophobia!
    Our Security Lies in Defending the Rights of All!

    The “Repeal Bill C-51!” 2016 Conference in Vancouver was a huge success! Over 70 people came together to discuss how best to move forward to build the movement to repeal this anti-human, anti-democratic law. Over 3 months after the election of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals the hated Bill C-51 continues to be law. Canada's spy agency CSIS has already admitted to using its secretive new measures, while the Liberals continue to make vague promises of possible amendments and consultations. The conference was an important opportunity to discuss how to move forward in this new context to defend our human and democratic rights.

    The Conference was organized by the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51, which is nearing one year of consecutive weekly actions against Bill C-51. These actions have become well known across Canada, and have served as an important tool for continuing the public campaign to Repeal Bill C-51.

    The diverse movement against Bill C-51 was well represented by the six speakers in the two conference panels: “What is the State of Bill C-51 Today?” and “Building the Movement to Repeal Bill C-51. Audrey Siegl also opened the conference with an official Musqueam Welcome.

    Micheal Vonn of the BC Civil Liberties Association, Dr. Samir Gandesha, Director of SFU Institute for the Humanities and Charles Boylan, the Coordinator of the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 formed the first panel. Together they gave a detailed analysis of the origins of Bill C-51, the international crackdown on dissent, and the challenges posed by the the new government of Canada which has promised, “Real Change Now” but definitely has not delivered this on Bill C-51.

    The first workshop was chaired by Jean Ardila of the Human Rights & International Solidarity Committee of the Education & Training Employee Association and the second workshop by Bowinn Ma of Stop Bill C-51 and United We Stand.

    During the second panel, Chief Bob Chamberlin, Vice President of Union of BC Indian Chiefs, George Davison, President of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators and Thomas Davies of the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 discussed how best to move forward to organize to repeal Bill C-51. The common sentiment was that Bill C-51 is an attack on so many sectors of society, it therefor opens massive possibilities for unity and coordination as the demand to Repeal Bill C-51 is in all of our interests.

    Over half the conference was devoted to discussion between all of the participants. There was never a lull in discussion, as people asked questions of the presenters, and also shared their own analysis and ideas on how to move forward.

    The conference closed with an open invitation by that the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 is to join its 51st picket action in 51 weeks against Bill C-51. The conference reaffirmed the necessity to continue to educate, organize and mobilize to demand that Justin Trudeau and the government of Canada, “REPEAL BILL C-51!” They must constantly be reminded that not only do people across Canada want this law repealed, but they are also willing to organize against it.

    Conference organised by :
    Working Group to Stop Bill C-51
    Web: http://www.RepealBillC51.org/
    E-Mail: stoppolicestatebillc51@gmail.com
    Twitter: @StopBillC51