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      Right-wing Venezuelans Threaten to Disrupt
      Another Peaceful Demonstrationin Vancouver, Canada

      On Friday, July 7 the Fire This Time Venezuela Solidarity Campaign is organizing the next monthly actions in Vancouver demanding “US Hands Off Venezuela!” and in defense of the Bolivarian revolution and the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro. Already, the violent and aggressive right-wing Venezuelans are planning once again to try to interrupt and disrupt this peaceful protest.

      Really, it must be asked, if these counter-revolutionary thugs really believe in “democracy” how is it that they can justify organizing a protest that is attempting to insult, disrupt and intimidate another action that is simply expressing a different point of view from their own? If they feel so strongly about reaching out to people in Vancouver about the “truth in Venezuela” why don’t they just organize their own actions instead of organizing an event meant solely to silence voices of dissent and bring violence to the streets of Vancouver? Why aren’t these pro-U.S. and U.S. paid reactionaries simply satisfied with having demonstrations on their own time, at their own place, to express their own political point of view?

      Like their counter-parts within Venezuela, who set Orlando Jose Figuera on fire and killed him for just simply being a Chavista (please see photo at the top of this post), these right-wing goons are nothing but aggressive agent provocateurs attacking the democratic rights of people in Vancouver who are protesting against the Venezuelan criminal right-wing opposition backed by the U.S. and rejecting U.S. intervention in the sovereign country of Venezuela. This insistence for violence and disruption reminds us how these paid mercenaries of the capitalist class of Venezuela and imperialism have no interest or regard for freedom of expression and assembly, democratic rights, human rights or civil rights. When they are asked to stop their provocations and violence, while their cell phones and video cameras are just 10 inches from your nose and their hands are pushing your chest, they claim “this is Canada and I can walk everywhere I want”! This is what these uncivilized and primitive people understand of civility and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

      Throughout the 19 years of Bolivarian Revolutionary process, these thugs and their counter-parts in Venezuela have not only managed a short but bloody coup against Comandante Chavez’ elected government and attempted coups against the democratically elected government of President Maduro, this right-wing opposition has killed, tortured, assassinated and lynched hundreds of people as well as betrayed the poor and oppressed people of Venezuela by sabotaging the production and distribution of food and basic goods. On July 7, Venezuela solidarity activists in Vancouver will not be silenced, we will return to the streets to peacefully stand up against U.S.–led intervention in Venezuela and right-wing opposition, and in support of the Bolivarian revolution and the democratically elected government of President Maduro. Violence, intimidation and harassment will not stop us!

      Last time, you “walked around” in streets of Vancouver, next time you will “walk around” in the jails of Vancouver. Let's see how wise you are.

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