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      Defend The Right To Protest & Organize Against Police Brutality!
      Drop All The Charges on The Denver Protest Leaders!
      Stop The Assault On The Movement and Free Speech!

      On September 17, Denver police violently arrested six leading organizers in the campaign for justice for Elijah McClain, a 23-year-old black man murdered by the Aurora police in 2019. Four of the people detained in this vicious coordinated police assault are members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL).

      Activists Lillian House, Joel Northam, Eliza Lucero, and Terrance Roberts now face numerous felony and misdemeanor charges that could put them in prison for as many as 60 years for daring to challenge the impunity of the police and authorities. The only people charged over the police killing of Elijah McClain are the Denver community activists who organized peaceful mass demonstrations last summer calling for justice - not the police officers. It is no coincidence that the District Attorney, Dave Young, that ordered the arrests and is pressing these unjust charges against the anti-racist organizers is the same District Attorney that has refused to arrest or press charges against the three police officers that murdered Elijah McClain.

      The attack on these anti-police brutality organizers in Denver, Colorado, is an attack on the fundamental civil and democratic rights of all of us, which include freedom of expression and the right to organize and demonstrate without violence and intimidation.

      * The above information is from the National Committee for Justice in Denver

      Who is the National Committee for Justice in Denver, and How Can you Help?

      The National Committee for Justice in Denver is a new initiative composed of constitutional rights lawyers, legal scholars, trade unionists, educators, journalists, clergy, human rights activists, and others in social justice movements from all over the United States. They have all come together in defense of free speech rights and in opposition to the dangerous campaign to criminalize dissent by charging peaceful protest leaders in Denver with serious crimes that could send them to prison for decades. Fire This Time encourages working people, community activists, and all human-loving groups and individuals in Canada to support this campaign by sending letters and messages to Denver District Attorney Dave Young to demand to drop the charges immediately. The attack on these four organizers and Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is not an isolated or local attack. This is an attack on all working-class rights from Denver, across the U.S., to Canada, and around the world to all working and oppressed people. Supporting these four social justice organizers is to defend the position of working and oppressed people in their struggle for liberation against capitalism and imperialism everywhere.

      You’ll find all the needed information on this page to show your support and get involved.

      How Can I Take Action?

      Sign The petition, write a letter, make a donation and more!

      Find out more info at, https://www.denverdefense.org/take-action


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