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      A Black Prince For George Floyd

      Nancy Morejon
      Nancy Morejón is one of the most preeminent and internationally successful Cuban poets today. Growing up within Cuba's revolutionary process, she became the first widely published black woman poet in Cuba, winning prizes in Cuba and internationally for her work. As a Cuban revolutionary and poet, she is known for celebrating women and blackness in her poems.

      Although his dream was to throw you into the Mississippi,
      that cannibal in opaque uniform
      has silently burned his knee
      into your inert neck.
      The smoke from your flesh rises to the wet sky.
      Skipping among the flowers, the air from your bronchi
      chases after its ghost until you bite
      the cannibal’s bloody fang.
      And you breathe energy, untamed, onto the wet asphalt,
      under the still shadow of an apple tree
      in Minneapolis,
      where we will place, for you,
      this brilliant, this
      immaculate black prince of ours,
      in your memory

      Cerro, Cuba. June 4, 2020.
      [Translated by Ivette Romero. *Príncipe negro/Black Prince is the name of a dark red rose.]

      Príncipe Negro para George Floyd

      Aunque su sueño era lanzarte al Mississippi,
      aquel caníbal de uniforme opaco
      ha quemado en silencio su rodilla
      sobre tu cuello inerte.
      El humo de tu carne va subiendo hasta el cielo mojado.
      Saltando entre las flores, el aire de tus bronquios
      persigue su fantasma hasta morder
      el colmillo sangriento del caníbal.
      Y tú alientas, indómito, sobre el asfalto húmedo,
      bajo la sombra quieta de un manzano
      en Minneapolis,
      donde colocaremos, para ti,
      este brillante, este limpio
      príncipe negro nuestro,
      a tu memoria.

      Cerro, Cuba 4 de junio, 2020

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