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      Indigenous Struggle against Colonialism

      Lee Maracle
      (July 2, 1950 - )
      Sto:lo Author, Poet, Instructor [University of Toronto - INS] and Traditional Teacher First Nations House.

      I think about what has happened to us in the last 60 days. In every major city, on the Reserves of 37 First Nations homelands, people rose up to support the Mohawks.

      The racist structure of this society only thinly veils the class structure. The reality of this country is that many Canadians are having a hard time, financially. The homeless are increasing geometrically in urban centres and they are predominantly white. The cycle of recessions which began in this country in 1973 has led to a spiralling down of the standard of living of the citizens of this nation. The state is more than aware that to satisfy the demand of a single Native Reserve is to have to satisfy the demands of all of us. The state is also aware that to meet our demands for a decent life would mean upgrading the lives of thousands upon thousands of single white Canadian mothers, and thousands upon thousands of working poor.

      The state is aware that should our laws prevail anywhere in this country, the heyday of corporate imperialism is over. The difference is that now we care enough about our sacred being to get up and say no, and the echo of that no continues across the country.

      An excerpt of "Oka Peace Camp - September 9, 1990" from Bobbi Lee, Indian Rebel

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