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      The World Needs More Cuba!
      Online Global Audience to Discuss Cuba's Example

      By Janine Solanki

      2020 is becoming an infamous year, but this year has exposed how inhuman, brutal, racist, and profit-driven the United States capitalist system is. The U.S. government’s response to Covid-19 has been more focused on running their economy than saving lives, and the U.S. quickly became the country with the most cases and deaths due to Covid-19.

      When the world is struggling for justice and humanity, Cuba stands out brightly as an example for us all. Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, the U.S./Cuba Normalization Committee has hosted online webinars about Cuba and its revolutionary example. This has involved many organizations and individuals who came together to organize the International Conference for the Normalization of U.S./Cuba Relations in March 2020, which has been postponed to midNovember 2020.

      May 19

      On May 19, the webinar “Cuba, African and the Caribbean” was held, marking the birthday of revolutionary black liberation leader Malcolm X. This webinar included activists from grassroots groups, organizations, and struggles in the U.S. and Canada concerning the black community, academics and authors. International guests included: Ana Silvia Rodriguez, Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations; Julia Imene-Chanduru, Deputy Permanent Representative of Namibia to the United Nations; Fernando Gonzalez Llort, President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Cuban internationalist fighter in Angola, and one of the Cuban Five heroes; and Chris “Che” Matlhako, Second Deputy General Secretary of the South African Communist Party, and leading member of Friends of Cuba in South Africa (FOCUS).

      June 16

      On June 16, the US/Cuba Normalization Committee held a fascinating online discussion between Danny Glover, the famous American actor, film director, and social justice activist, and Cuban Ambassador to the U.S. José Ramón Cabañas. These two notable figures discussed Covid-19, Cuba, and the Saving Lives campaign, which calls for U.S.-Cuba-Canada collaboration in fighting Covid-19. As a follow-up to this conversation, the next webinar on June 24 was titled “Cuba contains Covid-19 - Saving lives at home and around the world”. This was an interactive event with activists, medical professionals, and elected officials who are building the campaign for medical collaboration with Cuba, intending to save lives in this global pandemic. Presentations included: Dr. Abraham Vela, California graduate of the Latin American Medical School in Havana, Cuba; Dr. Andy Coates, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, Albany Medical College and critical care hospitalist on the Covid-19 team; Niki Ashton, NDP member of Canadian parliament from Manitoba; and Sandy Pappas, Democrat State Senator from Minnesota. Following the presentations, participants broke off into action-focused groups to further discuss the topics of building support for medical collaboration among health and science professionals, passing action resolutions with elected officials, and media and digital outreach.

      July 7

      On July 7 the webinar posed the question, “Why are there no George Floyds in Cuba.” This webinar explored the dynamics of the Cuban Revolution and anti-police brutality protests in the U.S., drawing examples from how Cuba has systematically and fundamentally countered racism. The program featured U.S.- based speakers, including participants in anti-police brutality and Black Lives Matter protests. Speakers from Cuba included the Third Secretary Yanet Pumariega Pérez and Counselor Rodney A. Gonzalez Maestrey from the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC. The webinar also had a dynamic question and answer period from participants joining in from North America and around the world.

      These online webinars continue as a great forum to bring Cuba solidarity online to an international audience. For more information on upcoming webinars or the U.S./Cuba Normalization Conference please visit: www.us-cubanormalization.org or www.firethistime.net

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