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      Women's Day

      By Mirita

      We celebrate our day
      marching to the Pantheon
      a hand on the flag
      and another on the heart
      we fight against the empire
      who wants to dominate us
      we fight against men
      who want to silence us
      we fight for a world
      where there is no inequality
      we fight for the women
      who live in my city
      for those who live in Lima
      in Santiago or Bogotá
      the women they have hurt
      and the one they have abused
      for the missing
      and the one they have imprisoned
      with no right to protest
      for the ones who have everything
      for the ones who have nothing
      for the violated women
      and those they put in the grave
      for the mothers, for the daughters
      WOMAN is humanity
      So many that have been killed
      for defending their truth
      Rights? we have them
      and they must be respected
      A Day to celebrate
      A day to commemorate
      A day to not forget.

      March 8, 2020, Ottawa, Canada

      Myriam Meza de Acuña is a sociologist, retired from public administration in Venezuela in the area of housing. Currently working at the Embassy of Venezuela in Canada.

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