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      Support the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective Defense

      The Embassy Protection Collective was organized to stay in the Venezuelan Embassy with the aid of the government of Venezuela to protect it against those supported by the US who are trying to overthrow the elected government. When Embassy Protection Collective would not leave, organized right-wingers from Venezuela, Nicaragua and other countries tried to bully and intimidate those outside and inside the embassy, while police did nothing to stop this violence. One supporter was seriously injured and is in need of support. Eventually, the US government, in violation of international law, entered the embassy and arrested those present. The arrested protectors now face 1 year in prison and a large fine. They are fighting the charges and need support for their defense. A defense committee has been set up to support them and estimates that they need to raise around $50,000 for their defense.

      You can go to the web site for the defense committee here: http://defendEmbassyProtectors.org or reach the committee by email here: admin@defendEmbassyProtectors.org.

      To get to the gofundme account to help Jason Charter who was injured by the right-wing crowd, go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/medical-and-living-expenses-for-injured-activist.

      From: unacpeace.org

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