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      Our Heritage - Evelyn Reed

      Revolutionary leader and women’s revolution theorist

      In conclusion, we must ask, what are the connections between the struggle for women’s liberation and the struggle for socialism? First, even though the full goal of women’s liberation cannot be achieved short of the socialist revolution, this does not mean that the struggle to secure reforms must be postponed until then. It is imperative for Marxist women to fight shoulder to shoulder with all our embattled sisters in organized actions for specific objectives from now on. This has been our policy ever since the new phase of the women’s liberation movement surfaced a year or so ago, and even before. The women’s movement begins, like other movements for liberation, by putting forward elementary demands, such as equal opportunities with men in education, jobs and equal pay; for free abortions on demand; for childcare centers financed by the government but controlled by the community. Mobilizing women behind these issues not only gives us the possibility of securing some improvements but exposes, curbs and modifies the worst aspects of our subordination in this society.

      Excerpt from the Women: Caste, Class or Oppressed Sex (1970)

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