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      Climate Action!
      People Power Will Stop the Pipeline!

      By Thomas Davies

      As Jason Kenney, the new Premier-elect of Alberta, continues his campaign of threats and attempted intimidation to force the construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, so does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continue to double down on the false promise that he can build the pipeline and protect the environment at the same time. In response, the Climate Convergence coalition organized a banner drop to bring people together and counter the negative and manipulative messaging.

      Over 60 people filled a busy overpass during rush hour with ten huge banners saying things like, “No Trudeau Pipeline – Not Now Not Ever!”, “United for People & Planet” and “System Change Not Climate Change.”

      TThe response of the public was extraordinary – with non-stop honking in support of the action. There was also great support from members of Extinction Rebellion Vancouver and BROKE (Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion) As the Federal government's new deadline of June 18 to make an announcement on pipeline construction grows ever closer, the struggle is heating up. Climate Convergence will be on a busy overpass near you soon.

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