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      "We are here to support you in your struggle"
      Talk by Azza Rojbi during the internationalist Che Guevara Youth Brigade in Venezuela

      Hello compañeros and compañeras,

      My name is Azza. I'm a young woman from Tunisia, living in Canada. I am speaking today because I want to share with you some of what I felt during the time I have spent here in Caracas, Venezuela.

      First, I am here representing a group in Canada called the Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice. We work and organize around social justice and working class issues and struggles in Canada, but also work to make a connection with the social movements, struggles and revolutions like here in Venezuela and also in Cuba. I am speaking on behalf of my fellow organizers and co-fighters back in Canada. Let me tell you frankly and with utmost revolutionary feelings that what you are doing here in Venezuela is very important to us, to Latin America and the whole world. When we see you, we see people fighting for their sovereignty and revolution; we feel strongly inspired by your conviction, determination and spirit of the struggle. It is true today in Venezuela there are difficulties, it is true that some things might seem hard, but your struggle and commitment to your revolution is important for all of us around the world.

      When we come here, when we visit Venezuela, we are not here to lecture you on how you should do things in your country. We are here to support you in your struggle. The fight you are waging against U.S. imperialism, and all imperialists are extremely important. Despite the difficulties, what I saw when I visited the school of agroecology in Caricuao with the youth from the “Francisco de Miranda” Front, is people fighting back with determination and imagination. I saw very creative young people. When they can’t buy certain products because of the economic war, they make them, they plant them, they produce them, and this is very important. I saw this also when I visited Cuba. Revolutionary Venezuela echoes a very important message to the all colonial and semi-colonial countries that you can be your own master, you can regain your dignity, and you don’t need imperialist countries to tell you what to do.

      If you have this determination and spirit in your heart and mind, this creativity, you will successfully continue fighting because you are this revolution and this revolution is you. As some people have said earlier, this will not be an easy road, but the Venezuelan people I met here are prepared for this road because they believe in Venezuela Bolivarian revolutionary process and their bright future and the future of the world. So, in my name and the name of my organization in Canada, I want to thank all of you here, the militants with the “Francisco de Miranda” Front, and all of my fellow members of the International Che Guevara Youth Brigade, we are here to support you, we stand firmly with you, and we fight alongside you. You represent hope for your children, for your country, for us and the world. We all must join together in the struggle to defend the Venezuelan revolution against imperialism.

      Long live Chavez!

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