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      Voices of Venezuelan Revolutionary Youth!
      Youth leader Teresa Carrasquel, National Coordinator of the Venezuelan
      Ecological Movement (MEVEN), speaks on the role of youth
      in the environmental movement in Venezuela.

      Interview & Translation by Azza Rojbi

      My name is Teresa Carrasquel; I am an activist in the Venezuelan ecology movement. This movement raises the flag of the struggle to increase awareness about the causes and consequences of climate change. One of the main negative consequences of all the environmental problems is that certain animals are in danger of extinction. The capitalist system not only forces men and women into extreme poverty but also forces us into environmental degradation. The capitalist system is causing global climate change. As the youth of Venezuela, we raise the banner of struggle for the preservation of life which we will achieve by conquering new paradigms, making new paradigms. From the south, we build new paradigms such as ecosocialism.

      For our awareness campaign here we organize camping, hiking, seminars, and research on species that exist in our planet.We go to high schools, we go to universities, we go to communities, because this environmental fight is not only for the young ecologists, this environmental fight is for the entire population. All of us are responsible for now and the future generations so that they can live as we did and, more so, that they can live in a world of equality and social justice.

      I invite all the North American people to raise their flag to fight against the hegemonic capitalist system in their country. We youth are responsible for changing this world for the better. This is a struggle between life and death. Death is represented by capitalism and life is represented by revolutionary socialism.

      Long live the youth of the world and Long live the ecosocialists.

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