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      Voices of Revolutionary Peasants from the Maizal
      Socialist Commune in Venezuela

      Interview & Translation by Azza Rojbi & Mike Larson

      Luismar Lopez: From Venezuela, from the International Assembly of the People. Our organization shares a cornfield in the state of Lara and Portuguesa, a commune that has broken with that border between state and state because it is formed between two states, Lara and Portuguese. Here we are organizing the People's Power, young adults, children, women also because we talk about the construction of the commune, but also talk about the anti patriarchal commune.

      We are a commune that is organized for production, we are producing around 1800 kilos of corn, we are producing chilli, chives, coriander. We have a company for the production of meat. At this moment we have around two thousand heads of pigs, eight hundred cattle. We also have a dairy company; we are producing milk, whey and cheese.

      We also have an ideological and political training school where we integrate women, young people, and our community seedbeds, which are all our children. Well there in this space, we are raising that flag of socialism, raising those flags of the "commune or nothing" that Commander Chavez told us in 2012 in the " golpe de timón" (“Set A New Course”) speech. Well, from here we are resisting but also confronting those attacks of imperialism. We are demonstrating to the whole world that we can, that the organized people can raise this fight of socialism and also defeat them because we have shown in these 20 years of revolution that we have defeated them and we will continue to lift them. History is on our side; we will continue to win.

      Esly Matos: Greetings, the Comuna El Maizal apart from being a productive commune, is also a model of development that Comandante Chavez suggested to us, that is a transitional model towards socialism. We understood that the political way to reach socialism is the way of the commune where the people are self-governing their territory. At the same time, we are expanding that self-government of all people to our whole perspective. Greetings to the people of North America. The people who resist imperialism also within their own countries. We are with you, and I know that you are with us and, indeed, very grateful to the people of Canada, the people of the United States, who know that they support us and carry out their struggle and defense of the Venezuelan people. Thank you.

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