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      4 Years Later, The Struggle to Defend
      Human and Democratic Rights in Canada Continues!

      By Thomas Davies

      “A right is not what someone gives you; it's what no one can take from you.”
      - Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark

      This month of February was the coldest ever in Vancouver, topped with five times more snow than average. Freezing temperatures did not deter the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51, which continued its weekly picket and petition campaign, regardless of persistent snow storms, to reach its 208th consecutive weekly action.

      The Working Group focused primarily within Vancouver itself, at the working class transit hubs of Collingwood-Joyce, Main Street-Chinatown and Lougheed Town Centre. The month culminated with a very busy picket at the Waterfront Skytrain Station – the busiest transit point in all of Greater Vancouver. A solid core of organizers continue to show up, but there are also new people who decide to contribute every week as well.

      There continues to be a lot of questions regarding Prime Minister Trudeau's approach to democratic and human rights, and a lot of frustration at the weak and delayed response to Bill C-51 - which is stretching into the upcoming Federal election campaign. More and more people see PM Trudeau's Bill C-59 as just a continuation of Bill C-51, and the joint demands of “Repeal Bill C-51 and Scrap Bill C-59” continue to strike a chord wherever the campaign actions take place.

      Repeal Bill C-51!
      Scrap Bill C-59!
      Our Security Lies in Defending the Rights of All!

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