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      The world stands with Cuba against the U.S. blockade!
      U.S. Moral Bankruptcy Exposed!
      Lift the Blockade on Cuba Now!

      By Janine Solanki

      November 7 marked the annual debate and vote in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) against the unjust U.S. blockade on Cuba. As the U.S. government continues to tighten the blockade, this year again the world stood with Cuba. For the 28th consecutive year, the resolution passed with 187 countries voting with Cuba against the blockade, and only 3 countries shamefully voting for the blockade (the U.S., Israel and Brazil).

      In nearly 6 decades, this criminal blockade has damaged Cuba’s economy by over $134.5 billion. What this means for Cuba is limited access to imported goods such as medicines and medical equipment, construction supplies, food, fuel and many other necessities. Despite the hardships and immense challenges that the U.S. blockade has imposed on Cuba, this island nation has defied the U.S. government’s efforts at “regime change” and attempts to bring Cuba under U.S. domination. Instead Cuba has developed a world-renowned universal healthcare system, provides free quality education to their citizens up to a PhD, and has become known world-wide for their courageous stand against U.S. imperialism.

      On November 6 and 7th, to support Cuba going into the annual debate and vote at the UN, an international Twitter Storm and social media campaign was called to support Cuba, with hashtags #SomosCuba, #UnblockCuba, and #NoMasBloqueo. This online action was supported in Vancouver by Friends of Cuba Against the U.S. Blockade (FCAB), who joined Cuba supporters around the world in tweeting photos and videos against the U.S. blockade.

      On November 17, FCAB organized a monthly picket action in front of the U.S. Consulate in downtown Vancouver. This action takes place every month, in coordination with actions in Ottawa and Montreal, Canada, as well as Kiev, Ukraine! Protesters chanted demands and held signs reading “¡Cuba Si, Bloqueo No!” and “End the U.S. Blockade on Cuba Now!” while picketing in front of the U.S. Consulate. In between rounds of picketing, activists gathered to hear from local speakers, as well as to hear a voice message of solidarity from Ottawa Cuba Connections, who had their coordinated protest in front of the U.S. Embassy.

      To wrap up the action, protesters took a group photo in front of the U.S. Consulate building, holding picket signs, Cuban flags, and a banner reading “End the Blockade of Cuba! Return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba!” This photo was shared worldwide on social media, showing support for Cuba against the U.S. blockade! For more info on upcoming actions, visit www.vancubavsblockade.orgor follow on Facebook and Twitter @NoBloqueoVan

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