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      Our Heritage - María de Lourdes León Gibory

      Revolutionary Venezuelan fighter, member of the National Constituent Assembly and leader in the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) (1937-)

      Excerpt from the prologue to the book " Huellas neoliberales" by Simón Colmenares Silva

      Gender equality is necessary. Inequality is a problem that women have historically suffered and that has led them to be victims of exclusion, marginalization and self-perception of weakness; Although life proves to the contrary, the woman is the one who most resists and carries the most responsibilities on her shoulders, but she has the perception that she is weak, it is a self-perception of fragility, undoubtedly the result of a dominant model where submission is sought. As Hugo Chávez mentioned, on some occasion: "there are different forms of exclusion, capitalism was designing them, the exploitation of man by man, the exploitation of women by men, children by men, workers by men ; a thousand ways, a thousand ways to exploit the majorities. "

      We must empower women, but we must not leave man aside, because it is about equality. The man must be an ally in the fight for equality, it is necessary to sensitize them to the problem of marginalization and the exclusion of women. We must fight for equality, for both, that is what the concept of gender, not to see the problem as only the woman is the victim, although it is true, she is victim and he the victimizer, but the sacrifice of she has also harmed him, that is, the deformation of women, as the French novelist and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir says: 'a woman is not born, she becomes one' but it is not only a woman, a man too, because a man is not born , it becomes so, because they impose it on you and prepare you as an oppressor, as a ruler, although man by nature is simple and sensitive, and wishes to occupy another place in society, but the established patterns force you to be determined. way, if not, you are not considered a man, it is the dominant model, savage and inhuman.

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