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      Venezuela rejects statement from the US State Department
      about failed attempted assassination

      Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Relations

      The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly rejects the communiqué issued by the U.S. Department of State -regarding the terrorist attack on August 4th, which was planned and executed from the U.S. territory- and its cynical allegations, which, once more, are aimed at interfering in the internal politics of Venezuela by encouraging the political group that promotes destabilization and violence in our country.

      The State that takes pride in undertaking a war on terrorism -and under this pretext is currently leading no less than 7 armed conflicts around the globe- understates through a biased communiqué the seriousness of the facts and makes false accusations against the Venezuelan judicial processes, showing its contempt for our legislation.

      Venezuela is not the country that has established illegal detention centres all over the world where is sought to extract information from the detainees by employing methods globally recognized as torture, all this endorsed by the highest country’s leadership. It was not the President of Venezuela but President Donald Trump, who publicly stated: “Torture works”.

      Venezuela is not the country that deprives the liberty of immigrants in detention centres indefinitely and is not the country whose migration policy even allows the separation of children from their parents, causing them not only emotional trauma and systematic violations of their rights but also exposing them to atrocities such as sexual abuse and forced consumption of psychotropic substances, as denounced by the U.S. Judge Dolly Gee.

      The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is open to U.S. government participation in the investigation -and even invited it-, provided of course that this participation serves to perform a true search for justice and not an attempt to prevent it or for protection of terrorists, as it happened in the past with figures like Luis Posada Carriles: A self-confessed terrorist whose surrender to Venezuelan authorities to duly serve his sentence was always denied.

      If the politicians allied with the U.S. government interests commit crimes, it does not turn them into political prisoners but into criminals, and the Venezuelan justice is to continue fighting against the impunity in order to guarantee justice, stability and peace throughout our national territory.

      The government of the United States has shown in several times through its criminal blockade against our country that it is not on the side of the Venezuelan people. Unfortunately, although not surprising, the U.S. once more has been given the opportunity to take side with the justice, but instead it preferred to be on the side of violence and unconstitutional behaviours.

      In spite of the attacks and interfering attempts, the Venezuelan People continues its path towards peace, progress and social justice together with the Bolivarian Government, as it did during the constituent convocation of 2017: In defense of our sovereignty and independence.

      Caracas, August 17th, 2018

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