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      The Time is Always Right to Fight for Human Rights!
      Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 continues Weekly Action Campaign

      By Thomas Davies

      As the long hot July days continued, the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 kept very active with five weekly actions during the month. Now up to 178 consecutive weeks, the Working Group spread out to new locations for banner drops and pickets in Surrey and Coquitlam, before returning to some familiar favourite locations in Vancouver and Burnaby.

      Despite the over two year long campaign, and now an almost total media blackout, the public response continues to be overwhelmingly positive to the demands, “Repeal Bill C-51!” and “Scrap Bill C-59!” As Prime Minister, both Harper and Trudeau justified their “Anti-Terrorism” laws by telling the public just to trust them not to abuse their increased powers to target, spy on and detain people. It is very obvious that neither of them were able to build that trust.

      Bill C-51, with all of its human right violations, remains the law of the land in Canada. Trudeau’s Bill C-59, with all of its lacklustre adjustments, remains stalled in its second reading at the Senate. The fight to defend and extend human rights in Canada continues. The Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 will continue to do everything possible to build the campaign to defeat these unjust laws.

      REPEAL BILL C-51!
      SCRAP BILL C-59!

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