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      Cuba & UN Reaffirm Support for Puerto Rican Independence

      Translated By Azza Rojbi

      The Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN, Anayansi Rodríguez, reaffirmed today that her country will continue to support Puerto Rico in its demand for independence and sovereignty against the colonial rule of the United States.

      For Cuba, it is a historical commitment to continue battling alongside the Puerto Rican people and facing the country that keeps them under colonial rule, she told PL regarding the resolution approved the previous day in the United Nations Special Committee for Decolonization.

      The Cuban delegation is very satisfied that, once again, and for 37 consecutive times, the draft resolution that advocates the independence of Puerto Rican territory has been approved.

      This is a call by the Special Committee for Decolonization to the international community in order to support the legitimate rights of the people of Puerto Rico, said the ambassador.

      Cuba will not rest, will not relent in its efforts within the framework of the United Nations until the final victory is achieved, until it sees a free and independent Puerto Rico exercising full right to its sovereignty, she stressed.

      In addition, she said, for Cuba it is an honor to present this resolution that defends the right of a sister Caribbean nation.

      This resolution is the 37th presented to the Special Committee of Decolonization on the demand of independence for Puerto Rico, and the last 19 times it was approved by consensus, which shows the support of different countries to the Puerto Rican cause.

      Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Syria, Russia, and Antigua and Barbuda were co-sponsors of the resolution from this year.

      This document also reiterates the Latin American and Caribbean character of Puerto Rico, with its own and unmistakable national identity, and urges the US Government to promote a process that allows the people of Puerto Rico to exercise their right to self-determination, independence and decision-making.

      For their part, the petitioners who participated in yesterday’s session highlighted the decline in the Puerto Rican economy and the lack of response from the local government to deal with the crisis after the hurricanes of the previous year, as well as the abandonment by the American administration.

      They also demanded that the Puerto Rican people should decide the destiny of their country, not a fiscal control board imposed by the US Congress, or any other foreign body.

      From: Prensa Latina

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