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      “By Any Means Necessary...”

      Revolutionary Black Liberation Leader in the U.S.

      "I must say this once before we close. I don’t want you to think that I’m coming back here to rabble-rouse, or to get somebody excited. I don’t think you have to excite our people; the man already has excited us. And I don’t want you to think that I’m ready for some unintelligent action, or some irresponsible action, or for just any old thing just to be doing something. No. I hope that all of us can sit down with a cool head and a clear mind and analyze the situation, in the back room, anywhere, analyze the situation; and after we give the proper analysis of what we’re confronted by, then let us be bold enough to take whatever steps that analysis says must be taken. Once we get it, then let’s do it, and we’ll be able to get some kind of result in this freedom struggle.

      But don’t let anybody who is oppressing us ever lay the ground rules. Don’t go by their game, don’t play the game by their rules.

      From Malcolm X Speach at the Organization of Afro-American Unity Homecoming Rally
      (November 29, 1964)

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