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      Climate Convergence demands:
      TD Bank – Totally Divest in Kinder Morgan! No Kinder Morgan Pipeline!

      By Thomas Davies

      TD Bank continues to face monthly protests for its $731 million investment in in the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. Calls for “TD – Totally Divest from Kinder Morgan!” have become increasingly common, with the Climate Convergence Coalition in Metro Vancouver continuing monthly actions outside different TD Banks.

      This month it was decided to escalate the action. Kinder Morgan has begun construction to expand its Westridge Marine Terminal oil tanker loading facility in Burnaby, while TD Bank continues to falsely present itself as a “environmental leader” which prioritizes a healthy environment. Climate Convergence teamed up with 350 Vancouver to enter the main TD Bank in Vancouver at the TD Tower and present them with a fake award for, “1st Prize for Corporate Irresponsibility”.

      The action was a great success. Over 100 people marched and chanted outside of the bank, while many major news organization in Canada sent reporters and covered the action either on the nightly news or their websites. Coverage was in English, French and Mandarin.

      Although the TD Bank put heavy security at the front door, several protesters were able to slip in a side door and present the bank manager with the “1st Prize for Corporate Irresponsibility”. Obviously, they were less than enthusiastic and refused to accept the prize, and the whole exchange was filmed and made available online.

      Next month Climate Convergence is returning to a TD Bank in Burnaby, which is near Kinder Morgan's Westridge Marine Terminal. The action will include a march from the bank to the gates of the Marine Terminal, as well as a banner drop over a busy road leading towards the facility.

      Both Kinder Morgan and TD Bank are continually trying to convince the public that their business interests are the same as our community interests. The facts show otherwise, and organizers remain committed to highlighting and stopping the deception and devastation these massive corporations create in the name of huge corporate profits which never make it back to poor and working people.

      TD Bank – Totally Divest in Kinder Morgan!
      KM and TD – Partners in Climate Crime!
      No Kinder Morgan Pipeline!

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