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      4 Weeks, 4 Cities
      Weekly Campaign to Defend Human Rights Continues

      By Thomas Davies

      The Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 continued its weekly action campaign in August with four actions in four cities in four weeks. Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Coquitlam were all locations for either a picket line or banner drop as the group reached its 130th consecutive action in Richmond on August 28th.

      There continues to be a lot of important education work to be done informing the public about the proposed Bill C-59. Justin Trudeau promises it will "fix" Bill C-51, but many of the major human rights violations remain. As parliament begins again in September, it is crucial to continue this work and inform the public of the reality of the situation.

      As the days become shorter, the Working Group will soon put the banner drops on hold until next spring. However, the campaign to "Repeal Bill C-51!" and "Scrap Bill C-59!" shows no signs of slowing down.

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