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      We Still Say No!
      The Fight Against the Kinder Morgan Pipeline & Site C Dam

      By Thomas Davies

      As the summer heats up to record temperatures, the Climate Convergence coalition in Vancouver is staying active in its campaign of monthly IntersActions to Stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline and Site C Dam. With many of Kinder Morgan's construction permits taking effect at the beginning of September – this organizing becomes even more important.

      On July 15 the TD Bank at a busy intersection in Burnaby BC, the city where Kinder Morgan's pipeline would terminate, was the location of another high visibility action. TD Bank has committed the largest investment to the controversial pipeline at $731 million. Other Canadian banks such as RBC, Scotiabank, CIBC, Bank of Montreal and National Bank are all also major investors with over $400 million committed by each.

      Protestors set up directly in front of the bank with banners and an information table, and were able to speak to everyone going into the bank about the Kinder Morgan pipelines negative consequences and TD Bank's massive support. Thousands more people saw as activists marched and chanted at the intersection adjacent to the bank with large banners and signs.

      Climate Convergence has also been present at many community festivals distributing information and collecting hundreds of petition signatures against both of the unwanted and unnecessary mega-projects.

      A major mobilization has been called for September 9, with the theme: “Kinder Morgan WE STILL SAY NO! People and Planet Before Pipelines and Profit”. This is at the time Kinder Morgan is threatening to begin construction on the pipeline route, and will be an important focal point to bring people together to connect and coordinate with all of the important resistance which will surely be ongoing.

      This grassroots mobilization is especially important during the transition from a Liberal to NDP provincial government. The NDP ran on a promise to "use every tool in our toolbox to stop the project from going ahead." Many people supported them on this basis alone. Now Premier John Horgan has directed Environment and Climate Change Minister George Heyman to “defend B.C.'s interests” instead of simply stopping the pipeline.

      The change might be only a few words, but it could mean a major shift in approach. Especially when Horgan danced around the issue of the pipeline during his first meetings with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to the outrage of many including well known former MLA and radio personality Rafe Mair. He wrote:

      “For God’s sake, Mr. Horgan, thousands of British Columbians are prepared to go to jail while you and the Attorney-General, leaders of the party of protest, heirs to the men and women of the people whose names you still mention in hushed terms of reverence, are afraid that if you stand up for our sacred environment, that nasty man Trudeau Minor or big, bad Kinder Morgan might sue us!

      Do you think that real British Columbians ready to risk going to jail are going to be pushed around by a coward from Ottawa, propped by the oil industry, just as you apparently are?”

      With or without the support of the provincial government, we will fight against building the pipeline. With the great news that Petronas was forced to cancel its planned 11.4 billion dollar LNG plant on Lelu Island, we are moving forward to make sure the Kinder Morgan pipeline is next!

      Kinder Morgan, We Still Say No!
      People and Planet Before Pipelines and Profit

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