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      Successful Monthly IntersActions Continue to Spread Awareness & Engage New People

      By Thomas Davies

      The Climate Convergence coalition continued its campaign of monthly climate justice actions with another successful “IntersACTION” in front of a Royal Bank in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, June 15. The action continued with the demand to Stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, but also added the urgent demand to Stop the Site C Dam as the campaign to stop this dangerous mega-project is gaining momentum.

      Site C violates First Nations Treaty Rights, and would flood more than 9550 hectares of land, including enough farmland to feed 1 million people. The added electricity has proven to be unnecessary, and the completed project would cost taxpayers at least $8.8 billion.

      While Kinder Morgan’s stock price is faltering based on investor scepticism because of widespread public opposition, the corporation and the Canadian government have both vowed to build pipeline expansion which could ship 890,000 barrels a day of dirty tar sands oil.

      The monthly actions have targeted banks which have direct ties to financing these projects. This action came as over two dozen environmental and Indigenous groups sent a letter to the CEOs of 14 major Canadian and international banks demanding that they stop funding Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

      Organizers set up an information table in front of the bank at one of the busiest intersections in Vancouver. On hand were copies of the letter to the banks, as well as information and petitions to sign against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and Site C Dam.

      For two hours a continual stream of people marched with signs and banners, chanting loudly enough to be heard across downtown and engaging the thousands of people walking and driving by. Many honked and stopped to get materials from the table. Members of the BC Government Employees Union, who were attending a convention close by, also came out to support.

      The IntersAction happened during a critical time in BC politics, as Christy Clark tried to stall and manoeuvre to remain Premier and Justin Trudeau, Kinder Morgan and BC Hydro all doubled down on their claims that these projects will be built regardless of who formed a government in BC and regardless of public opposition.

      The loud, high energy action and the positive response from the public reaffirmed that we have known all along: people have not given up the fight to stop these projects, regardless of what governments or corporations say. Now is more important than ever to stand up for the people and the planet!

      With actions like these, we can continue sending a strong message that we will continue to be active in building a movement to defeat these projects, protect our communities and build the better world we all know is possible.


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