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      Weekly Action Campaign to Repeal Bill C-51 Continues!

      By Thomas Davies

      We Are Demanding Full Repeal of Bill C-51

      As the season changed from winter to spring, the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 continued its consistent campaign to demand a full repeal of Bill C-51. The campaign took advantage of the longer days and nicer weather to connect with as many people as possible through four more actions. The total is now 111 actions in more than 2 years of organizing!

      The return of bi-weekly banner drops had found many appreciative drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. During a recent rush hour banner drop over the busy Highway 1, there was 186 vehicles that honked in 1 hour – a new record!

      The picket and petition drives continue to be an important opportunity for public education. The table is always busy as many people stop by to ask questions about what Bill C-51 is, or the specifics of how it works. Others also return weeks and months later to ask for the latest updates in the campaign.

      Canada has dropped 14 points on the Press Freedom Index since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office. It's another indication that despite all the promises and smiling photos – the Liberal government continues to show a blatant disregard for democratic and human rights. The campaign to Repeal Bill C-51 is at the heart of the overall fight for human rights in Canada, and must be continued and amplified until the unjust and unnecessary law is repealed in full!

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