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      OUR HERITAGE - Rosa Luxemburg

      Revolutionary Marxist Leader 1871-1919

      May Day

      No wonder! The whole development, the whole tendency of imperialism in the last decade leads the international working class to see more clearly and more tangibly that only the personal stepping forward of the broadest masses, their personal political action, mass demonstrations, and mass strikes which must sooner or later open into a period of revolutionary struggles for the power in the state, can give the correct answer of the proletariat to the immense oppression of imperial- istic policy. In this moment of arma- ment lunacy and war orgies, only the resolute will to struggle of the work- ing masses, their capacity and readi- ness for powerful mass actions, can maintain world peace and push away the menacing world conflagration. And the more the idea of May Day, the idea of resolute mass actions as a manifestation of international unity, and as a means of struggle for peace and for socialism, takes root in the strongest troops of the International, the German working class, the greater is our guarantee that out of the world war which, sooner or later, is unavoid- able, will come forth a definite and victorious struggle between the world of labor and that of capital.

      Excerpt from The Idea of May Day on the March (1913)

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