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      Viva Chavez! Viva Fidel!
      4 Years Since the Passing of Comandante Chavez: Fire This Time Editorial Board Member Tamara Hansen Speaks on the Ongoing Legacy of Fidel and Chavez

      By Janine Solanki

      On March 5th, 2013, the world lost a forefront leader and fighter in the struggle for a better world, when Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez passed away. Now four years later, the anniversary of Comandante Chavez’s passing is a time to reflect on his enormous contribution towards the betterment of humanity, and his ongoing legacy. On March 2nd, the Hugo Chávez Defense Front - Southwest Canada Chapter organized a forum at the Chilean Housing Coop in Vancouver. Fire This Time Editorial Board member Tamara Hansen was invited to speak, alongside Venezuelan Consul General Wilfredo José Pérez Bianco and writer and researcher Nino Pagliccia.

      Consul General Wilfredo Bianco gave an overview of the life of Hugo Chavez, focusing on his political development and growing consciousness that led to him becoming the leader the world knows him for. Nino Pagliccia spoke on Chavez’s childhood and relayed stories from his early life. Tamara Hansen, on behalf of Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC) spoke about the legacy of Hugo Chavez alongside the legacy of the great revolutionary Fidel Castro who also recently passed away on November 25, 2016. Chavez often referred to Fidel as his political father, and their legacy together is one of a continued and growing revolutionary movement, especially in Latin America, against imperialism, for self-determination and for the construction of a better and more just world.

      The program of the event also featured greetings from various organizations including Maria Luisa Melendez on behalf of the FMLN Vancouver (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front), Victor Pardo on behalf of URNG Maiz (Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity), and Mayra Climaco, Nicaraguan activist. The evening also included the beautiful poetry of longtime Chilean activist Oscar Villalobos.

      In the four years since the passing of Comandante Chavez and just a few short months since the passing of Comandante Fidel Castro, their legacy lives on in the struggle of people around the world against injustice and for creating a better world!

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