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      From Standing Rock to BC Make the Land Pipeline Free!
      Struggle for Climate Justice Gains Momentum in Vancouver

      By Thomas Davies

      True to its name, the Climate Convergence coalition in Vancouver has continued to stay busy campaigning for climate justice. One of the main activities has become regular “IntersActions” - where participants flood an intersection on all sides with people crossing with signs and banners. The flow of traffic continues, but there is maximum visibility and many people attracted to an information table set up adjacent to the intersection.

      On March 10, Climate Convergence coorganized a Day of Action with the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion to help launch a new campaign against TD Bank. The reason for focusing on TD is its principle role in supporting two pipeline projects which violate indigenous sovereignty and put the environment at risk.

      TD is one of the main financiers of the Dakota Access Pipeline project in the U.S., having issued $365 million in loans to facilitate the hotly contested pipeline. TD is also acting as the principal broker for Kinder Morgan, Struggle for Climate Justice Gains Momentum in Vancouver helping it raise the capital it needs to try to ram through the Trans Mountain Expansion tar sands pipeline and tanker project over the very clear objections of indigenous nations.

      March 10 saw a noontime rally in front of the TD Tower in downtown Vancouver with representatives of Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion and the Union on BC Indian Chiefs, as well as many environmental organizations. The rally was also able to attract major news media and television coverage.

      Later that day, the busy downtown rush hour traffic heard and saw another IntersAction as participants held banners, chanted and distributed information for two hours straight in front of the bank.

      The momentum has continued to build the April 29th Peoples Climate Mobilization. Climate Convergence is organizing weekly IntersActions as part of the buildup to the major demonstration. The first action kicked off at Broadway and Commercial with two huge banners reading, “Climate Justice Now” and “No Kinder Morgan Pipeline! No Consent No Pipeline!” Organizers again attracted a lot of attention with the chanting and marching, and distributed hundred of leaflets promoting the April 29th mobilization.

      As Justin Trudeau, Christy Clark and corporations like Kinder Morgan, Dakota Access and Toronto Dominion spend millions to promote these pipeline projects, it’s important that climate justice organizers continue to organize in public and give voice to our important and necessary concerns. IntersActions have proven to be a very effective way to educate, organize and mobilize.

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