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      Activists Continue Fighting Against Bill C-51!

      By Thomas Davies

      As spring arrived and the days began getting longer again, the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 marked two years of weekly organizing with its 104th weekly picket and petition drive, and revived its banner drop actions. The campaign for a full Repeal of Bill C-51 continues in full swing as Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government continue to attempt to avoid the issue entirely.

      The 104th action was held at the busy intersection of Broadway and Cambie in Vancouver, and even though the Working Group has held actions there many times before, the response continues to be constant and dynamic. This also continues to be the case at New Westminster Station, where two weeks later local university students continued to show a lot of interest in the issue.

      The Working Group also made it out to Surrey Central Skytrain Station. Despite a torrential downpour organizers were still able to engage with a lot of new people and gain some much important exposure in the growing and diverse community.

      With sunsets happening later and later, the Working Group decided to return to banner drops and the familiar sounds of honking from supportive drivers once again fills the air close to busy overpasses. This campaign will continue to alternate between pickets and banner drops during the spring and summer months.

      The Working Group has also created new signs which say, “HONK to Repeal Bill C-51!” and has some new banner ideas as well. As long as the unjust and unnecessary Bill C-51 continues to be a law, we will continue to organize to repeal it.

      REPEAL BILL C-51!

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