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      Weekly Action Campaign to Repeal Bill C-51 Continues!

      By Max Tennant

      As November came to a close the Liberal government finally began their push in parliament on Bill C-59, “An Act respecting national security matters”. The Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 took this as an opportunity to push forward its education campaign on Bill C-59, which the Liberals are trying to sell as an important improvement on Bill C-51 but contains many of the same fundamental violations of our rights and privacy.

      The Working Group organized weekly picket and petition drives at four major transit hubs in three major cities during the month of November. As winter approached and daylight hours became shorter, organizers found creative ways to brightly light signs to make sure the demands were clear for passersby to read. Regardless of the cold weather, and some strong winds which threatened to blow over the information tables, the number of people participating in the actions has actually increased! Overall, the reception has continued to be very positive with more people taking leaflets, signing petitions, and especially asking questions about Bill C-59.

      For almost three years straight, the Working Group has coordinated 139 consecutive weekly actions and will continue to educate people and organize consistent actions until these bills against our basic human rights are reversed. As Bill C-59 moves forward, there is an added urgency to the campaign to make sure people know about the real consequences of this law, despite what the Liberals have promised.

      Repeal Bill C-51! Scrap Bill C-59!

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