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      “By Any Means Necessary...”

      Revolutionary Black Liberation Leader in the U.S.

      "In my thinking, if the students in this country forgot the analysis that has been presented to them, and they went into a huddle and began to research the problem of racism for themselves, independent of politicians and independent of all the foundations (which are a part of the power structure), and did it themselves, then some of their findings would be shocking, but they would see that they would never be able to bring about a solution to racism in this country as long as they're relying on the government to do it. The federal government itself is just as racist as the government of Mississippi, and is more guilty of perpetuating the racist system. At the federal level they are more shrewd, more skillful at doing it, just like the FBI is more skillful than the state police and the state police are more skillful than the local police. The same with politicians. The politician at the federal level is usually more skilled than the politician at the local level, and when he wants to practice racism, he's more skilled in the practice of it than those that practise it on a local level."

      1965 – Malcolm X interview with Young Socialists

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