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      Prime Minister Trudeau:
      No Easy Way to take Away Our Rights!
      Bill C-51 and Bill C-59 Will Be Defeated!

      By Max Tennant

      During the month of October, the Working Group to Repeal Bill C-51 has been continuing its campaign to demand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “Repeal Bill C-51 and Scrap Bill C-59!”

      Over two and half years the Working Group has organized 139 weekly actions, both pickets at busy transit hubs and banner drops over high-traffic routes. This month saw successful pickets at Gilmore and Langara -49th Stations, which engaged with both students and workers from Burnaby and Vancouver.

      As the winter months approach and the sun sets sooner, the Working Group had its last banner drop for the season in South Burnaby, which received hundreds of honks. Our team also managed to have passersby ask questions, take leaflets and sign the petition. The concern about Bill C-51 and Bill C-59 is growing. There has never been such strong support from cars and passersby for our opposition to these undemocratic measures.

      Despite attempts by the Liberal government to neutralize opposition to the original law by introducing a supposedly more balanced Bill C-59, here in the Lower Mainland the Working Group will continue to defend our basic human rights by organizing weekly actions until Bill C-51 is repealed and Bill C-59 is scraped as well.

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