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      Vancouver Activists Campaigning on the Streets Through Picketing, Petitioning and Social Media in Defense of Venezuela

      By Janine Solanki

      Venezuela today is engaged in a struggle for its future. With the leadership of President Maduro, and with the legacy of Comandante Hugo Chavez, Venezuela had been on the road of the Bolivarian Revolution for the last 13 years. This has meant huge progresses across the board for Venezuelans, with missions to improve literacy, education, health and housing, access to subsidized food, and the development of art and technology. Venezuelans have become organized as a force of change for their future, as you can see in the massive demonstrations in support of their government and the Bolivarian Revolution.

      An economic war is being waged within Venezuela from right-wing forces, as well as from the external pressure of US sanctions. US hostility and threats against Venezuela include an executive order from President Obama declaring Venezuela to be an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States” which opens the door for US covert and overt intervention and interference in Venezuela.

      In Vancouver, the Fire This Time Venezuela Solidarity Campaign is standing in solidarity with Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. On December 9th, 2016 the FTT Venezuela Solidarity Campaign organized their 13th consecutive monthly action, bringing protest and education onto the streets of Vancouver.

      Picket Action

      The December 9th action started with a picket demanding “US Hands Off Venezuela!” in front of the US consulate in downtown Vancouver. Protesters raised their picket signs high and voices loud while marching through the snow, and heard from speakers in defense of Venezuela and against US meddling in the country.

      Petition Camapign

      After the picket action, the protest continued in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver. An information table and banners were setup for a petition drive and display proclaiming “Maduro is our President! Activists had the opportunity to discuss the situation in Venezuela with dozens of passers-by while collecting signatures on a petition demanding the US stop it's intervening and threats against Venezuela.

      Twitter Campaign

      Venezuela supporters also participated in a twitter campaign taking photos with the hashtag #ObamaDeragoElDecretoYa demanding that Obama repeal the executive order against Venezuela. On December 17th the FTT Venezuela Solidarity Campaign took part in another international twitter day in solidarity with Venezuela taking photos with Venezuelan flags and picket signs in front of the US consulate.

      To find out about upcoming actions in solidarity with Venezuela follow on twitter @FTT_np or Back to Article Listing