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      Rosa Luxemburg

      Revolutionary Marxist Leader

      “We are of the opinion that wars can be waged only so long as the working class take part in them with enthusiasm, because it regards them as necessary; or at least patiently puts up with them. On the other hand, when the great majority of working people come to the conclusion - and to being them to this conclusion, to arouse this consciousness, is just the task that we social democrats [refers to revolutionary social democrats in Germany at the time] set for ourselves - when the majority of people coming to the conclusion that wars are barbarous, deeply immoral and reactionary phenomenon hostile to the interest of the people, then wars will become impossible - even it, for the moment, soldiers still obey the orders of their superiors.” -

      Excerpts from From Rosa Luxemburg’s defense when she was tried on February 20, 1914 for allegedly inciting soldiers to disobedience.

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