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      Hip Hop 4 Peace!
      Supporting the 20th Anniversary Celebration of
      OBSESION Pioneers of Cuban Hip Hop!

      By Janine Solanki

      Throughout history, art has been a powerful weapon in the fight for a better world. Mobilization Against War & Occupation - MAWO's Hip Hop 4 Peace festivals have brought together a wide range of Hip Hop artists using rhythms and rhymes to speak out against war and for peace. Obsesion, the pioneers of Cuban Hip Hop, have graced the Hip Hop 4 Peace stage many times to amaze audiences with their talent and social justice messages. As Obsesion nears their 20th anniversary, MAWO came together with local Hip Hop artists for a special evening of music and fundraising to support Obsesion's 20th anniversary celebration! Obsesion is organizing three days of workshops, seminars and hip hop events in Havana, Cuba, with the support of Vancouver's fundraising efforts. On May 24th, the Hip Hop 4 Peace Obsesion fundraiser showcased the work of Obsesion via a documentary film and photo exhibit, and local Hip Hop artists took to the stage to perform to a packed room of supporters. A big shout out to all artists who participated in the event, and who carry the message of HIP HOP 4 PEACE!

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