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      Another Great Depression

      A Poem by Wala Zaidan

      We are still living in another great depression
      but so silent and innocent
      dominating every vein in our body, enslaving our minds
      Truth has become an illness.

      We are trapped into these four walls
      built by false promotions
      filled with greed, wanting and absorbing everything
      just so your soul screams enough!

      We are no longer feeding our minds
      with knowledge
      rather than money and power
      to fulfill our hungry desires

      our minds has become anorexic
      forcibly feeding it shame

      we are living in another great depression
      enslaved by TV screens,
      believing it without any question
      green papers has become another obsession
      we are secretly prisoners carrying our royal kings to heaven

      war has become another sort of art
      just sit back and enjoy the depression
      depression crawling back to our minds, consuming every affection

      I don't blame you when you hate
      It's all about wisdom v.s power
      that's why the truth buries his nose under his book
      that's why the society calls him crazy and liar

      that's why the needy is forgotten, to the point he buried his hopes in fire
      that's why the liar adores the mic, with his loud and ignorant logic,
      it killed the truth by making it choke itself with the wire
      in hopes to light up the candle brighter

      I am not asking you to feel but to wake up.

      We are still living in another great depression
      but so silent and innocent
      when will we ever learn from our lessons?

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