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      Eleanor Marx
      (1855 – 1898)

      Youngest daughter of Karl Marx and leading Communist trade union organizer, journalist and translator in England and internationally.

      “For us there is no more a ‘women’s question’ from the bourgeois standpoint than there is a men’s question. Where the bourgeois women demand rights that are of help to us too, we will fight together with them, just as the men of our class did not reject the right to vote because it came from the bourgeois class. We too will not reject any benefit, gained by the bourgeois women in their own interests, which they provide us willingly or unwillingly. We accept these benefits as weapons, weapons that enable us to fight better on the side of our working-class brothers. We are not women arrayed in struggle against men but workers who are in struggle against the exploiters.”

      Excerpt from Women's Trade Unions in England 1930

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