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      Working Group to Stop Bill C-51
      Reaches 60th Weekly Action in Campaign Demanding:
      "Repeal Bill C-51 Now!"

      By Thomas Davies

      As the months of Canadian government inaction on Bill C-51 pile up, the Vancouver-based Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 continues to push forward with its weekly action campaign demanding the repeal of the hated “Secret Police State Law”. April saw yet another month where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did everything he could not discuss the issue, while at transit stations and busy roads across the Lower Mainland the Working Group continued to encounter huge support for its demand to, “REPEAL BILL C-51 NOW!”

      The addition to the campaign of banner drops has been very successful. Organizers have taken a large bright banner, picket signs and megaphone to overpasses on busy roads to encourage drivers to honk if they support a repeal of Bill C-51. The amount of honking is almost non-stop, with drivers also waving, giving the ‘thumbs up’ and even parking their cars to come and join the actions! This month the campaign held banner drops on the Queensborough bridge between Burnaby and New Westminster, and over Highway #1 east of Vancouver – the busiest transit artery in and out of Vancouver.

      The Working Group also held picket and petition drives at the Main Street Skytrain Station as well as the City Centre Skytrain Station. These continue to be very busy and dynamic actions as people come to sign the petition to repeal Bill C-51, and also to ask about recent developments regarding the law. The level of frustration with the Liberal government and Justin Trudeau increases every week, as people come to understand that Liberal Party elections promises of “Real Change Now!” and pledges to address the massive public concern over Bill C-51 remain unfulfilled.

      The Working Group has now completed its 60th consecutive weekly action against Bill C-51, and remains committed to continue the actions until the law has been repealed. The fight to defend our democratic and human rights is far from over!

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