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      Vancouver Fights Bill C-51

      By Thomas Davies

      March was another busy and productive month for the Vancouver-based Working Group to Stop Bill C-51!

      The group began by marking one year of consistent organizing with its 52nd action in 52 weeks – a picket and petition drive at Vancouver’s busiest transit hub, the Broadway and Commercial intersection. The Working Group also organized two more picket and petition drives in March – one at the Burrard Skytrain in downtown Vancouver and another at New Westminster Station.

      The group was also invited to spend a busy weekend collecting signatures and tabling at the BC Teacher’s Federation 100th Annual General Meeting. Teachers were especially concerned with Bill C-51’s vague language regarding those accused of “advocating or promoting the commission of terrorism offences in general”. Legal experts have pointed out that it could easily be used to target those teaching or even encouraging discussion on issues related to terrorism and its root causes.

      Finally, in the continuing effort to diversify its actions the Working Group organized its second banner drop at a overpass over Kingsway Avenue in Burnaby, a primary inter-urban road. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with supportive honks, whistles, waves and even a cow-bell clanging from drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

      The Working Groups is committed to continuing to organize its weekly actions until Bill C-51 is fully repealed. The energetic and consistent public response to the weekly actions reaffirms that many people continue to be outraged that Bill C-51 continues to exist. As every month passes and the Canadian government continues to maintain the controversial law, the work to demand a full repeal of Bill C-51 is as important as ever.

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