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      No to War! Out Now!
      Vancouver’s Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO)
      Continues Organizing for Peace…

      By Sarah Alwell

      250,000 people killed, 1 million more injured, 4.6 million have fled the country and 8 million more internally displaced. This is today’s painful and heartbreaking reality on the ground in Syria, 5 years after the alleged “civil war” began. We often hear about this “civil war”, but what we don’t often hear about is the significant role of outside intervention by Western imperialist countries, mainly the United States, NATO and Canada. A role so significant, including support and funding of so-called Syrian rebels and a bombing campaign in Syria, that one could argue it is a ‘civil war’ utterly fuelled and incited by these Imperialist powers.

      Discussion and Planing

      Because of this ever deepening crisis in Syria today, on February 2nd Vancouver’s antiwar coalition Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO) invited participants to come together in discussion for a free public forum titled “Who is Responsible for Civil War in Syria?”

      The forum began with a film showing of “Syria: Between Iraq and a Hard Place” by renowned documentary film maker Saul Landau. This film gave a stunning picture of what life was really like in Syria before the war, past the mainstream media spin. It explained the history of US government threats against Syria starting over a decade ago. The film provides a vital context to the many years of foreign manoeuvring and meddling in Syria’s internal affairs that have led up to the crisis in Syria today.

      Following the film was a talk by forum presenter Alison Bodine, the chair of Mobilization Against War and Occupation, who spoke about the current situation in Syria and the Middle East including questions like “What exactly is the Government of Canada’s role in the current crisis?” and “How must the antiwar movement respond?”

      Back to Streets

      The antiwar actions continued on February 20th as MAWO organized its monthly antiwar rally and petition drive in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Accompanied by colorful banners that read “US & Saudi Arabia Hands Off Yemen!” and “US/UN/Canada/France/NATO Out of the Middle East and North Africa Now!” dozens of participants shared their antiwar message with supportive passers-by. This message included calls to stop war and occupation, end Islamophobia, and for Canada to open its borders to refugees now! Protesters also collected a number of signatures on a popular petition against US and Canadian intervention in Syria.

      Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO) is asking all peace loving people to add their voice to that of people fighting against U.S.-led interventions, wars and occupations around the world and join them at their next two antiwar & anti-occupation actions on Friday March 18th. These actions will be marking the 13th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

      >>>Antiwar Rally & Petition Drive: 4pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Downtown Vancouver)
      >>>Free Public Forum “Building an Antiwar Movement in Canada”: 7pm at Joe’s Café, 1150 Commercial Dr.

      For more information please visit website: www.mawovancouver.org

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