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      “By Any Means Necessary...”

      Revolutionary Black Liberation Leader in the U.S.

      "Fidel Castro has denounced racial discrimination in Cuba, which is more than President Eisenhower has done here in America." Premier Castro has also come out against lynching, which is also more than Eisenhower has done. Castro has also taken a more open stand for civil rights for Black Cubans"

      Quote from the Pittsburgh Courier, October 1, 1960, following the historic meeting between Malcolm X and Fidel Castro at the Theresa Hotel, in Harlem, New York City

      “The white man knows what a revolution is. He knows that the Black Revolution is worldwide in scope and in nature. The Black Revolution is sweeping Asia, is sweeping Africa, is rearing its head in Latin America. The Cuban Revolution - that's a revolution. They overturned the system. Revolution is in Asia, revolution is in Africa, and the white man is screaming because he sees revolution in Latin America. How do you think he'll react to you when you learn what a real revolution is? -

      ‘Message to the Grassroots’
      November 10, 1963

      Excerpt from Speech at a November 23, 1964 meeting of the Pan-African magazine Présence Africaine

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