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      Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!

      By Alison Bodine

      On December 9, 2016 people who believe in justice from around the world are gathering in support of U.S. political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Each year, this day is an important opportunity to take action for Mumia as it marks the anniversary of his unjust arrest and imprisonment in Philadelphia for the allegedly killing of a police officer. As of today, Mumia Abu-Jamal has spent the last 35 years in U.S. prison, 29 of them in solitary confinement on death row.

      Mumia is one of the longest standing political prisoners in the U.S. For hundreds of thousands of people around the world, especially for Black and minority groups in the U.S., Mumia is a hero. He is a symbol of the struggle of Black people for their rights. His imprisonment is also an example of the criminal crackdown of the U.S. ruling class on oppressed people when they decide to stand up and fight back.

      In 1982, Mumia was given the death penalty charged unjustly for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer. In reality, what the police needed was a scapegoat for a dead cop and who better to place the blame on then a young revolutionary journalist and former Black Panther Party member.

      This year, the international protests and actions demanding the immediate release of Mumia are even more urgent. Mumia’s health is deteriorating. He has contracted Hepatitis C while in prison and the U.S. Government refuses to grant him access to an available cure. On top of this health crisis, the water now being given to the prisoners at SCI Mahanoy, where Mumia is serving a life sentence without parole, is undrinkable and even unfit for bathing.

      Fire This Time Newspaper defends Mumia’s demand for treatment for himself and the rest of the inmates at the Pennsylvania penitentiary where Mumia is held. Furthermore Fire This Time calls on the U.S. Government and President Obama to immediately free Mumia Abu-Jamal by granting him a pardon.

      For more information on Mumia’s case please visit: http://www.freemumia.com

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