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      Fidel Presente

      NOVEMBER 28, 2016

      “It is with deep sorrow that I come before you to inform our people, and friends of Our America and the world, that today, November 25, at 10.29pm, commander and chief of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz passed away...Hasta La Victoria Siempre! (Until victory always!)”

      Late in the night of Friday, November 25, Raúl Castro, the President of Cuba, appeared on Cuban television and announced the passing of Comandante Fidel Castro at the age of 90. The news spread quickly around the world, as did the messages of condolences, in recognition of the incredible impact of his extraordinary life.

      We offer our heartfelt condolences to Raúl, his family, the people of Cuba and millions of people everywhere for whom Fidel holds such an important place.

      In the 90 years of his extraordinary life, Fidel outlasted 10 US presidents, 11 counting President Barack Obama. He also survived over 600 assassination attempts orchestrated by the US government and the CIA. Through his unwavering leadership Comandante Fidel Castro steered the Cuban Revolution through 57 years of great gains and great challenges, and through his undying internationalism Fidel continued to support the struggles of all oppressed peoples for a just and better world.

      It has to be said with great certainty that Fidel's impact as a revolutionary will live on. As he always said, revolutionaries win by setting an example. And indeed he was the best example of a selfless, devoted revolutionary leader who simply did what he was supposed to do; to lead the struggle for a better world. He served with dignity and gracefully the cause of socialism for working class and oppressed people around the world. Fidel as a great teacher taught us that the greatest beauty is the fight for humanity. He taught us that revolutionaries have no need for material and fetish attachments. Just the dedication of oneself to the cause of socialism and a better world. Fidel's departure is his message to remind us that the struggle to replace capitalism with a just and human system must continue, as he did for 70 years.

      Now is the time for all of us who believe in a better future to honour the legacy of Comandante Fidel Castro and work together to keep up the fight in the ongoing struggle for a new better world. Fidel was for unity and unity is what is so essential and vital to win.

      Fidel’s legacy of hard work, dedication, dignity and revolutionary internationalist spirit will stay with us, as well as the Cuban people and the world forever. Fidel, his example and his ideas, will never truly die, and we find hope in that for the future. As a young Cuban shouted to international media in the streets of Havana, "Fidel isn't dead because the people are Fidel.” We are Fidel!

      ¡VIVA FIDEL!

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