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      Vancouver Activists: We We Will Fight and
      Fight and Fight Until Bill C-51 is Repealed!

      By Thomas Davies

      After promising for a year to engage in some sort of public consultation about Bill C-51, the Liberal government quietly put a a survey online in September. If they were really interested in understanding the public response, they could have come to any one of the 82 consecutive weekly actions organized by the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51. They would have then seen that public opposition to the controversial bills continues to be widespread.

      September was another busy month, as organizers held four actions: two pickets and two banner drops. Once again they were spread out across the Lower Mainland and took place in downtown and South Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster.

      Response was loudest at the banner drop at the busy Willingdon overpass over the #1 Highway. Commuters returning home after a long day of work and many semi-trucks headed for a long night of work still found time to honk their horns repeatedly and give organizers the “thumbs up”.

      Picket actions at the Main Street Skytrain Station in downtown Vancouver and the 22nd Street Skytrain Station in New Westminster encountered a mix of those who still had questions about what Bill C-51, and many others frustrated with the inaction and broken promises of the Liberal government on this issue. Organizers were thanked many times for continuing the campaign to Repeal Bill C-51.

      As the days get colder and shorter into the October, organizers have some new plans to keep the actions visible and dynamic. As we fast approach 100 weekly actions, everyone is still welcome to join the fight to, “Repeal Bill C-51!”

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