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      Hands off Syria! Stop Saudi/US War on Yemen! Stop Bombing Yemen!
      MAWO Continues Organizing Against War & Occupation

      By Noah Fine

      On August 3rd, 2015 the Associated Press released an article in which it provided information from a new poll taken in Syria and Iraq. The Airwars poll showed that in the past year alone 459 innocent civilians have been killed by US air strikes. This includes the deaths of 64 civilians, 31 of which were children from a US-led coalition air strike on the village of Bir Mahli, Syria on May 4th.

      Meanwhile in Yemen, US- backed Saudi airstrikes continue to destroy the ancient and beautiful cities and landscapes of that country as Saudi Arabia threatens to send more troops and bombs to continue its campaign of killing Yemeni people.

      As threats to human life around the world continue at the hands of the imperialist war makers, Vancouver antiwar coalition Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO) continues to educate, organize and mobilize against war and for peace.

      During the summer month of July, MAWO organized two important actions to bring people together against war. The first of the activities took place on Tuesday July 7th, where supporters of peace gathered together in East Vancouver for a public forum titled, “STOP BOMBING YEMEN! USA/ Saudi Arabia Hands Off Yemen!” After watching a number of multimedia and videos about the war on Yemen, participants got to hear from speakers Janine Solanki, MAWO’s chairperson as well as Azza Rojbi, executive committee member of MAWO and Tunisian social justice activist. The presentations were followed by a lively discussion on the importance of building an antiwar movement against the US/Saudi aggression on Yemen.

      Later that month, on July 24th, MAWO activists and supporters from all different cultures and backgrounds joined in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery in busy downtown Vancouver for MAWO’s monthly antiwar petition drive and rally. Among the speakers at the rally was Iraqi antiwar activist Mamdoh Ashir who spoke about the US attempts to divide Iraq and the criminal, ongoing US war on his country. Throughout the afternoon activists collected petition signatures against the war and opened up countless discussions and debates about war and occupation with passers-by.

      As the summer season comes to a close and fall begins MAWO will be on the streets, campuses and all over the lower mainland. Mobilization Against War & Occupation will be campaigning against war and occupation and invites people to join in the fight against against war & occupation and for a better world.

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