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    Venezuela Calls for Third World Alliance

    25 April 2015 (TeleSUR English)

    Third world countries need to unite and fight against first world injustices, disrespect for international law, discrimination and wars. The third world countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America should form an alliance in order to “end imperialist domination,” according to the Venezuelan vice-president, Jorge Arreaza.

    Arreaza made the proposal for a third world alliance during a speech at the Asia-Africa Summit in Indonesia Saturday. Speaking as a special Latin American representative, Arreasa told the audience that the alliance was necessary to overthrow imperialismb and end the unipolar system imposed on southern nations throughout the years. “The alliance between Asia, Africa and Latin America today is not only necessary, it is indispensable,” said Arreaza. “From the South, we will determine, freely, the future of the world for the people.”

    The vice president also reminded the audience that former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez also advocated strongly for a need for the three continents to unite in order to fight against harmful western policies and forms of control. “Today is not, as then, simply about not being aligned with power and a sphere of influence. Today, the challenge is much greater... That is, to not be aligned with injustice, ... and to fight against wars, disrespect for international law, and to fight against colonialism in all its forms, combat hunger, to not be aligned with discrimination nor domination in all its forms,” said Arreaza.

    As an example of third world unity, Arreaza reiterated Venezuela's solidarity with Palestine, which has experienced significant oppression under Israel's expansionist policies.

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