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    "Venezuela is NOT a Threat, it is a Hope"

    A Letter to the People of the United States from Venezulan President Nicolas Maduro

    We are the people of Simon Bolivar, a believer in peace and respect for all nations in the world.

    Freedom and Independence

    More than two centuries ago our fathers founded a Republic on the basis that all persons are free and equal under the law.

    Our nation suffered the greatest sacrifices to guarantee to the South Americans their right to choose their rulers and apply their own laws today.

    Therefore we always remember the historical legacy of our father, Simon Bolivar; a man who dedicated his life for us to inherit a Homeland of justice and equality.

    We believe in Peace, National Sovereignty and International Law

    We are a peaceful people. In two centuries of independence we have never attacked another nation. We are a people that lives in a region of peace, free of mass destruction weapons, and with the freedom to practice all religions. We uphold respect for the international laws and the sovereignty of all peoples of the world.

    We are an Open Society

    We are a working people, which cares for the family, and professes religious freedom. Between us live immigrants from all around the world, who are respected in their diversity. Our press is free and we are enthusiastic users of social networking in the internet.

    We are Friends of the People of the United States of America:

    The history of our people has been connected since the beginning of our struggles to conquest freedom. Francisco de Miranda, a Venezuelan hero, shared with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson during the first years of the fledgling American nation the ideals of justice and freedom, which were fundamental concepts in our independence struggles. We share the idea of that freedom and independence are key to the development of our nations.

    Relations between our peoples have always been of peace and respect. Historically we have shared trade relations in strategic areas. Venezuela has been a responsible and reliable supplier of energy for the American people. Since 2005, Venezuela has provided subsidized heating oil to low-income communities in the United States through our company CITGO. This contribution has helped tens of thousands of American citizens to survive in difficult conditions, giving them a much needed relief and support in times of need, and has shown how solidarity can build powerful alliances beyond the borders.

    Yet, incredibly, the US Government declares us as a threat to the national security and foreign policy of the USA

    In a disproportionate act, the Obama administration has declared an emergency because it considers Venezuela as a threat to its national security. (Executive Order, 09-15-2015). These unilateral and aggressive actions by the Government of the United States against our country are not only unfounded and in violation of the basic principles of sovereignty and self-determination of the Peoples under international law, but also have been rejected unanimously by the 33 countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the twelve Member States of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). In a statement issued on March 14, 2015, UNASUR reiterated its firm rejection of such coercive measures that do not contribute to peace, stability and democracy in our region, and demanded President Obama to repeal the executive order against Venezuela.

    We reject unilateralism and extraterritoriality

    The US President, without any authority to intervene in our internal affairs, unilaterally began a series of sanctions against Venezuelan officials, and opened the gate to continue this kind of sanctions, interfering in our constitutional order and our justice system.

    We advocate for a multipolar world

    We believe the world should be governed by the rules of international law. Without interventions in other countries, in the internal affairs of others. With the conviction that respectful relationships between nations are the only way to consolidate peace and coexistence, as well as the consolidation of a more just world.

    We honor our freedoms and will maintain our rights

    Never before in the history of our nations an American president has tried to rule by decree to the Venezuelans. It is a tyrannical and imperial order that pushes us into the darkest days of US relations with Latin America and the Caribbean.

    For our long friendship, we alert on our American brothers, lovers of justice and freedom, on the illegal aggression being committed by the government on their behalf. We will not let our friendship with the people of the United States to be affected by this absurd and baseless decision of President Obama

    We demand:

    1- To cease the hostile actions of the US government against the people and democracy in Venezuela.
    2- To be repealed the executive order declaring Venezuela as a threat, as requested by the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).
    3- To be suspended the alleged and libelous sanctions against honorable Venezuelan officials who only obeyed our constitution and our laws.

    Our sovereignty is sacred

    The motto of the founding fathers of the US is repeated today with the same dignity by the people of Simon Bolivar. On behalf of our common love for national independence, we expect the Obama administration to reflect and rectify this misstep.

    We are convinced that the defense of our freedom is a right on that we will never give up, because there also lies the future of humanity. As Simón Bolívar well said: “The freedom of the New World is the hope of the universe.”

    “Venezuela is not a threat, it is a hope.”
    “Independence or nothing.”
    -Simón Bolívar

    Nicolás Maduro Moros
    President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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